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Launching Ceremony of GIP Southeast Asia Chapter and Sustainable Finance Forum

Southeast Asia (SEA) faces both the impacts and contributions of climate change, with extreme weather events potentially causing an 11% GDP loss. Despite heavy reliance on fossil fuels, the region is investing in climate solutions. Initiatives include sustainable finance through green taxonomies, the development of carbon markets, and energy transition partnerships like the JETP. However, a significant climate investment financing gap persists, estimated at USD 1.8 trillion. Two-thirds of this needs to be domestically funded, urging the swift mobilization of private funds. To address this, enhanced cooperation at all levels is crucial. Closer collaboration within and beyond SEA is necessary to secure multiple climate finance sources and accelerate sustainable development.

With the challenges Southeast Asia faces in financing climate solutions, the launch of GIP ASEAN Chapter acts as a kickstarter to involve the financial and banking sectors of the region to tackle these challenges. The GIP SEA Event Launching is a combination of one and a half day online public events. The first half-day will be kickstarted with a public launching ceremony and keynote speeches, intended to set the tone for discussions. The rest of Day 1 and first-half of Day 2 will consist of 4 online roundtable discussions, encompassing the topic of green taxonomy, carbon markets, financing green projects, and financing energy transition. This event targets banking sector and related associations, government officials, investors, financial services providers, government, academia, media, and other related professionals.

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