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[2021-December-14] WG3: How Financial Institutions Advance to Net Zero and Look at Transition

On December 14, 2021, the GIP WG3 held a webinar, entitled “How Financial Institutions Advance to Net Zero and Look at Transition”.

Jennifer ZHOU, Director of Sustainable Finance at Standard Chartered Bank, introduced the practices of the bank in reducing carbon emissions at the asset level, supporting transition projects and developing innovative financial products, which includes the key “net zero” targets, client strategy and the framework of transition finance. She also briefly presented cases of transition finance such as transition sukuk, sustainability-linked loans for shipping industry, etc. 

Sanjeev CHHABRA, Managing Director, Credit & Portfolio Management at Standard Chartered Bank, introduced the current net zero emission methodology adopted by the Bank based on IEA scenarios, including what scenarios, goals and indicators are set to calculate the carbon emissions at the asset level. He also pointed out that the Bank will further improve and refine the methodology and indicators in the future while improving the data quality and expanding the scenario coverage.

In the roundtable session, experts from Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and Haitong Securities shared their insights and practices on net zero emissions and carbon accounting.

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