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Transport and Development Bank of Mongolia (TransBank)

 The Transport and Development Bank is one of the pioneer and the fastest growing commercial banks of Mongolia established in January 1997 with the vision to add value to the development of Mongolia. The bank has been rapidly expanding its operations with the aim to become the financial solicitor for the environmentally aware corporate and individual clients of Mongolia. We are offering a wide range of domestic corporate and retail banking services, including large corporate, SME and retail lending, deposit-taking, trade finance, remittance, cash management, treasury, foreign exchange, gold bullion and other precious metals trading and investment banking services. Transbank is dedicated to offer differentiated services and provide customers with one stop financial products and services, we brought “Customer-Centric Branch Business Model” to our operation.

Transbank is committed to reduce our client’s environmental and social risks and impacts. Through the provision of financial services, we endeavor to limit the negative environmental impacts resulting from our clients’ activities and to enhance the overall ESG performance within the Bank. On the environment and social risk assessment, when necessary, the Bank sets covenants to loans and gives a guidance to the clients on risk mitigation measures. The fulfillment of the covenants or risk mitigation measures are periodically monitored and reported.

TransBank was awarded as “Best Bank for SME of Mongolia” for the three consecutive years by The Asia Money for the 2019, 2020 and 2021, named “Best Responsible Bank” from Mongolian Banker’s Association (MBA) and “Best ToC-Implementer Bank” from Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association (MSFA).


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