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Introduction to the Green Project Database


The Green Project Database aims to create a platform to facilitate and promote green investments, reducing search cost and the cost of financing, improving commercial viability of green projects in developing countries, including along the Belt and Road, and ultimately achieving green, low-carbon and sustainable development in the region. The Database is connected to the Climate and Environment Risk Assessment Toolbox (CERAT), which is aimed to quantify the environmental risks and benefits of investment projects, improve transparency, and demonstrate responsibility.


The finance providers of the green projects in the Database are mainly GIP member institutions, including all major banks based in China and other international financial institutions, who are also the mainstream financers of BRI investment and can provide various debt and equity financing services. Refinitiv, one of GIP’s supporting institutions, provided technical support to the development of the Database.



Click on the map or to visit the Green Project Database


You will need a username and password to login to the Database. GIP members will get the login information through the Secretariat. If you don’t have this information, you can do the following:

1. Check if your institution is a GIP signatory or supporter;

2. Contact the Secretariat for a temporary login information at sec_gip@gipbr.netif you are a not-for-profit organization ;

3. Apply for GIP membership by contacting us.


Any project owner/sponsor can report a green project to the Database by submitting the following form to this email address

Submission Form

We will revert soon after receiving the submission. If you haven’t received any feedback from us in two weeks after submitting the form, please contact the Secretariat.


GIP Secretariat applies strict screening standards for the green projects. The projects entering the Database must comply with both China's Green Industry Guidance Catalogue (2019) and the EU Green Bond Standard. Please visit China National Reform and Development Commission (in Chinese) and European Commission for more information about the standards.


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