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The GIP is a set of principles for greening investment in the Belt and Road. It includes seven principles at three levels, i.e. strategy, operations and innovation.

Principle 1 and Principle 2 are designed to encourage signatories to incorporate sustainability and ESG factors into corporate strategies and management systems, aiming to call for implementation starting from the highest level and throughout the whole organization whenever possible.

Principle 3 and Principle 4 focus on communication with stakeholders at the operational level. Specific measures that signatories could take to contain environmental and social risks include environmental risk analysis, information sharing and conflict resolution mechanism.

Principles 5 to 7 are set to encourage signatories to utilize cutting-edge green financial instruments and green supply chain practices, and to improve organizational capacity through knowledge sharing and collective actions.

Full Principles:

Green Investment Principles.pdf

Governance Structure:

GIP Governance Structure - May 2020.pdf

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