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WG3: Green Financial Product Innovation

Working Group III. Green Financial Product Innovation

Co-chair: Standard Chartered, Band of China

Secretary: IFC

GIP Secretariat Liaison: CHEN Yunhan (

Many of the infrastructure investments along the Belt & Road may require special financing mechanisms, due to its scale, duration and risk profiles. For example, due to limited financial resources in the recipient countries, many of the infrastructure investments, especially sustainable ones, will need the involvement of concessional loans, syndicated loans, blended financing, or a combination of them, from multiple stakeholders. Many green infrastructure projects may be good candidates for green bond financing. Some institutional investors may participate in green infrastructure projects via green ABS and CLOs. Some clean-tech companies may need to be financed by green PEs and VCs.

This working group will look into the financing gap and potential pathways for bridging the gap by providing green financial products in a more innovative way, aiming to mobilize more private capital into green projects along the Belt and Road.

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